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Fabian L. Prewett


Fabian L. Prewett

- Fabian Prewett -

Either men will learn to live like brothers, or they will die like beasts. -Max Lerner-



May 12th, 2008

Honeymoon & Forest

- happy/pleased/amused -
Tut, what a wonderful grounds you have, Albus! It's wild terrain and untouched habitat is an excellent place in which to start our new life together - I'm afraid I must thank you once more for such a gift you've given to us.

Darling, I was almost eaten! A sneaky creature came up in front of me unexpectedly - we should discover what it is! Facinating, facinating...

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May 7th, 2008

Owl & Wanderings

- happy/pleased/amused -
Owl to DumbledoreCollapse )

I seem to be wandering from my desk much more than I'm used to. I think I'll blame you, Dorcas.
[We're to be sent on assignment to Hogwarts for a few weeks - that Fenwick case bears observation and patrolling for a little while.]

April 23rd, 2008

Plans & Places

- sensual/curious/sharp -
Dorcas, I've spoken to my boss and he's assigned you to me for the remainder of your probationary term. I'm usually the office work sort, so you'll have to forgive the regulation side of what we do. I do hope you can put up with me for three years.

[I do need to conduct some survelliance on an illegal poisons run, this weekend. You're welcome to come with me, if you wish. It's in Bristol from Friday night to Sunday morning - I have more details if you're interested. This isn't an assignment under your training, since you won't officially be starting with me until Monday, however, so don't feel obligated.]

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Italic screened to Dorcas; you can assume that Fabian mentioned this trip to Caradoc/Gid already.

March 29th, 2008

Of Death & Replacement

- neutral/distant/cold -
So, no department is safe, apparently. It's really...bloody frustrating. Even following demands means nothing, which begs the question of why follow them in the first place? 

New department head. I don't like the gleam behind his eyes. A much more prompt responce to the lack of leadership, unlike the sloppy mess that happened in Caradoc's department, which I'm still not entirely over, thankyouverymuch than what has been done in the past. New management and new recruits coming in. Eager bits, they are. Perhaps that's what's needed. New blood. What a horrible phrase. New personelle.

Molly will be taking Easter dinner this year, and I will be handling the brunch. I'm thinking we'll do the fun and games at her place, since the boys are all over there, as it is. Quidditch afterwards, then dinner. I haven't flown in a while for recreational purposes, solely.

February 26th, 2008

Of paper and compression

- teasolveseverything -
Filing and file compression this week!. It involves a lot of hauling out of old boxes from file storage, summaries and internal document compression. I believe we're working on 1920-45 this time around? I'm not quite sure. Apparently whomever did the last batch of compressions is ninety-something and in a mental home in the Swiss Alps. Which would sound lovely, save the part where he's in a mental institution.

Yes. As it is, a lot of wandwork for the next while, and less of the out-in-the-field sort. I've been given charge of the task, seeing as I'm most qualified in file documentation. I suppose that makes me a great paper-pushing ponce, but I don't mind. I like paperwork~

If I'm not home, it's highly likely you'll find me in the office. Bring me tea, please.

January 24th, 2008

Of field work

- sensual/curious/sharp -
I've been doing a lot of relocation work, of late. A lot of follow ups and jaunts to small towns. Jono's back from his honeymoon and has been assigned to the office. Tells me he bought a bird, while abroad. Why he did is beyond me. I've given up trying to talk to that man. He informed me that he was looking for a place in the countryside and wondered how Maidstone was.

...It was rather awkward explaining that Maidstone isn't a village, and that it's not really a place-in-the-countryside sort of place. I really don't know if he's gone outside of London much...

That horrid holiday is coming up soon.

The Ministry children's program is discontinued indefinetly. I don't know how to feel about that...relieved or angry? Perhaps a little of both.

Edgar, you owe me lunch. Angelica didn't cross reference manually, she used a charm. Yes, I asked her. Ask her yourself if you don't believe me.

December 31st, 2007

Of Working and Holidays

- neutral/distant/cold -
Personally, I thought Christmas was exceptional. Baking went well, the nephews are charming and devious as ever. (Though they might have had some help this year, I believe..) Molly's doing well, as is Arthur, and they seem to like the owl that I got them.

Another relocation the other day. Daughter of a woman who vanished around Christmas.... What a horrible time of year for such a thing to happen. Not that it's not horrible at any other time, but still...

It's a new year tomorrow. Any one have resolutions?

December 5th, 2007

Yes, Gideon, I still exist, though it does worry me that you are basing this on the well being of my cat... I'm fairly certain that if need be, Bast will go and hunt mice or birds. ...it might take her a while, but I think she would try.

Before I am asked, I would appreciate gloves (warm, durable), Christmas cake, and/or help making the dinner this year. If I beat Molly for the rights to cook it. I wouldn't put it past her to actually duel me for it, so long as Arthur wasn't looking. Gideon, will you be my second, in such a case? We need to put up a strong Big Brother front, I think, even though she blatantly ignores it anyway.

Caradoc, you should come to Christmas dinner with us. I think Molly's been waiting to fuss over you. Unless she's done it and you haven't told me? (And if so...I'm so sorry...) Also, what would you like for Christmas? Please give me something to go on... I'm horrible with the 'be creative' suggestion.

Gideon, your present ideas are noted.

Work-wise, I'm trying to work something out with the boss. Surely there are other ways to divvy the workload, so that I don't have to spend almost every day in the office from dawn till late night. Perhaps I'll request more field work, if they've gotten over the Malfoy-incident. I have a meeting within the next few days. I should know for certain, soon.

November 13th, 2007

Winter & Work

- sensual/curious/sharp -
I am restless. I've managed to miraculously clear through the tree-graveyard of my inbox. Note birds fly in constantly, but Jono's been handling them. Thank god. The red memos are terrifying. And I believe they have teeth.

Bast has been hunting the birds that eat at my feeder. It's rather sad for the birds, but she tries so hard... Perhaps I should hang the feeder just a little bit lower, because it makes me feel bad that she can't even touch the house edges.

I'm not looking forward to snow.. I may need new mitts.

October 3rd, 2007

Birthdays All Around

- sensual/curious/sharp -
For GideonCollapse )

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Hey, Gideon...what are we doing for Molly's birthday? I was thinking we take the boys off her hands for the day, or something.
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