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Fabian L. Prewett
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Fabian Prewett belongs to JK Rowling.
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name+ Fabian Liam Prewett
born+ 03 October 1949 / Maidstone, Kent, England

parents+ Henricus & Lila Prewett

Gideon (elder/dominant twin brother)
Molly (younger sister)

Bast (SM, grey cat; white paws & racing stripes, F)

education+ Hogwarts Graduate of Ravenclaw House, Auror Training

occupation+ Ministry of Magic Auror (Documentation and Information Processing, Field Mission Work)

appearance+ Medium length brown hair, blue eyes, 158lbs, 5'11", scar over left ear (treehouse accident)

personality+ Gentle, thoughtful, worrisome, sociable introvert, intellectual, caring, high-strung, submissive, easily trusting

Caradoc Dearborn, Gideon Prewett, Lucius Malfoy

hobbies/habits+ baking, video games, hums, gardening, obsessively drinks tea, drinks away his lonliness, fidgetting when nervous, blushing

free time+ Maidstone Men's Badminton team, Maidstone Library Vollenteer Staff, Ministry of Magic Children's Program

other+ Left handed-ambi, hates saying 'no', hates cheese, claustrophobic, light sensitive, Order of the Phoenix member